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Pre-enactment Enacted Legislation (not available yet)
Legislation (most current version of bill)
  Format: [bill-type]-[year][session]-[bill-number]-[section]
  Example LegisLink URL:
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  Source: Colorado General Assembly (PDF Files)
  Availability: 2007 - present
Session Laws
  Format: SL-[year][session]-[bill-number]-[section]
  Source: Session Laws of Colorado
  Availability: 1993 - present
Consolidated Law
Colorado Revised Statutes (titles, articles, and sections)
  Format: CRS-[title]-[article]-[section]
  Example LegisLink URL:
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  Source: Michie's Legal Resources
  Availability: current version only
bill-number: House legislation numbering starts at 1001, Senate starts at 1
bill-stage: ENG (engrossed), REN (reengrossed), REV (revised) RER (rerevised),
                    ENR (enrolled)
bill-type: HB/SB (Bill), HCR/SCR (Concurrent Res), HJM/SJM (Joint Memorial),
                    HJR/SJR (Joint Res), HM/SM (Memorial), HR/SR (Res)
session: Regular session uses no designation. 1st Special Session uses "S",
                  2nd Special Session uses "S1", etc.
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