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Electronic Formats of State Legislation

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What is a LegisLink?

  • A human-readable web address that links directly to legislation and
    sublevels within legislation for any jurisdiction.
  • When linkable, LegisLink directly connects to the official website.
  • When not linkable, LegisLink connects reusing the official document.
  • Go ahead. Use LegisLinks in emails and blogs. Let’s see what happens.

What is

  • An open-source, public-domain web service for everyone.
  • An experiment in the idea of a URL Exchange Switchboard for web documents and data.
  • A logical and easy way to get where you want to go in terms of legislation.
  • A logical and easy way to share URLs that are, after all, just citations.

At the LegisLink Collab Space

  • Users define LegisLink formats for software developers to create.
  • Developers write code to provide the results.
  • There's also some discussion topics, defining of formats, and general idea swapping.

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